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You can see my paintings in person at the Design Domaine Gallery, in Spring Lake, NJ. I've got both seascapes and floral paintings there. My most recent painting was commisioned through the gallery for a previous client!

I can now brag that I've been featured on a magazine cover, interviewed for an online radio show, and have work hanging in a government gallery! For more information, check out my About the Artist page.

    thumbnail image of painting "Sunny Waves at Belmar"   thumbnail image of painting "Double Sassy Tulip"

Two of my paintings are still on display at the Hamilton Public Library. For more information on the library's support of the arts in Hamilton, see the article from the Good Times insert in the Times of September 14.

These are some of my more recent paintings .

thumbnail image of painting "Ripples and Light"   thumbnail image of painting "Rocks Under Water"   thumbnail image of painting "Rose on the Sand"   thumbnail image of painting "On the Lookout"   thumbnail image of painting "Boom-Splash!"   

thumbnail image of painting "By the Tiber River"

I accept commissions for portraits. To see some of the portraits I've completed, check out the Portraits and Figures page. Links are available on that page for more information on how you can commission a portrait, the prices, and the terms and conditions for portrait commissions.

You can see my small canvas pieces on the Little Bits page. Being smaller, these pieces are more affordable. Speaking of affordable, prints and note cards of my work are available through FineArtAmerica.com.


If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please send me an email at the address you'll find on the Contact Me page, or call me and tell me which painting you are interested in.

The price listed with each painting indicates whether a frame is included. Shipping costs are not included in the listed prices, and will be determined at the time of your purchase.

If you would like to order a fine art print of one of my paintings, selected works are available through FineArtAmerica.com.

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